Energy Candy and Gum: Do They Work or Are They Worthless?

Energy Candy and Gum: Do They Work or Are They Worthless?

Does energy candy and gum really work?

Last month, I turned 40 and I was forced to realize that I no longer have the energy that I did when I was 25 as I rolled out of bed with a hangover and no energy. Well, today I discovered some energy candy and gum and I began wonder if the stuff works or whether is’s just hype. So, I decided to do some sleuthing  and uncover the facts.

Here’s What I Discovered About Energy Candy and Gum

The first place I searched was Men’s Health since I trust them so much. I found this article which states that “caffeine can help you maintain momentum when your carbohydrate stores are depleted, according to new research in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.” And the study suggested that one take 1.4 mg of caffiene per pound of body weight.

And the consensus for other studies is that caffeine will help you keep your energy up as you workout out. But the next question is are they worth it?

At 230 lbs, that would mean I have to take 322 mg of caffeine five minutes before I workout to make sure that my performance doesn’t drop. That may seem like a lot of caffeine but it’s not… consider that one cup of coffee contains 8000 mg of caffeine!

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