Top Fitness Professionals

11 Top Fitness Professionals You Probably Aren’t Following But Should Be

Since I started this fitness blog, I’ve come across numerous guys and gals that publish amazing fitness courses so I decided to share ten of these top fitness professionals with you today. These aren’t the standard magazines like Men’s Health or talk show doctors like Dr. Oz. These are fitness trainers that you should be following on Twitter, liking […]

Workout Routines for Women at Home

It Did What? 14 Secrets About Workout Routines for Women at Home

Even though this site is mainly for men over 35, I thought that it would be awesome to give some advice to our better halves. So, I’ve come across some amazing workout routines for women at home and here are 14 secrets that I discovered plus one phenomenally effective (and time saving) workout. Secret #1: […]

Best Home Exercise Equipment

The Best Home Exercise Equipment to Help Cancel Your Gym Membership

Like millions of other guys, I have a gym membership for two reasons: 1) I don’t have the space at home to build my own gym and 2) I don’t have the money to buy the best exercise equipment for my own gym. However, if you have the space and money, building your own gym […]

Gym Workouts for Men

The Top 10 Gym Workouts for Men Plus Rules of Gym Etiquette

So many people ask me what the best gym workouts for men are to burn fat and my answer is usually, “The one that you will stick to!” Because if you can’t stick to a routine, it doesn’t matter if it’s gotten amazing results for other people if you won’t do it. Therefore, if you […]